These two Californian cities are among the most “rat infested” in the United States

America’s residential and commercial pest control service provider Orkin ranked cities on Thursday based on how infested they are with rats.

The company identified the top 50 cities based on the number of record new treatments they performed from September of last year to the same month of this year.

For seven consecutive years, Chicago has landed at number one on the list.

Two California cities were also listed for this year, and one of them is in the Bay Area.

The company said the most “rat infested” cities, ranked accordingly, are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC and San Francisco.

Baltimore ranked 6e and is followed by Philadelphia, Detroit, Denver and Cleveland, Oh.

San Diego won on the 17the place while Sacramento was in the top 29.

The top 50 also included for the first time the cities of Portland, Maine and Louisville, Kentucky.

The increase in the number of rats is attributed by the company to the current pandemic.

Rodents had no choice but to search for new sources of food as the restaurants were closed. Rats have been frequently seen infesting new areas as they have no more food waste to consume, KRON4 reported.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a guide to rodent control due to the rampant spread of rodents. Said program is intended to keep rats and mice away from businesses and residential places.

Bernard P. Love