Southern California Bills fans and Buffalo fans are ready to welcome the Mafia to Los Angeles

“We just want to get Bills Mafia together and have a good time, and hopefully get the ‘W’ next Thursday,” said South Bay Bills Backers co-chairman Dan Godwin.

LOS ANGELES – With less than a week to go Buffalo Tickets and the Los Angeles Rams kick off the NFL season, the Southern California welcome cart prepares to roll out the red carpet for fellow Bills fans.

Bands Bills Backers of San Diego, Los Angeles, south bayand Orange County, as well as the company Buffalo Fanshave worked hard for the past two months to get everything ready.

“We’re ready to welcome Bills Mafia and we’re thrilled to have them,” said Dan Godwin, co-chairman of the South Bay Bills Backers.

Godwin, who graduated from Niagara-Wheatfield and now lives in Los Angeles, was one of many cogs that worked to turn Thursday’s home opener into more than just a football game, but a football experience.

The South Bay Backers are ready to welcome a welcome party in the seaside town of Hermosa Beach Wednesday at 2 p.m. Two local bars, Tower 12 and Baja Sharkeez, will be hosting. On Thursday, a video of a massive Labatt Blue delivery arriving in Los Angeles went viral, but on Friday night, members of the Los Angeles Bills Backers said the amount to be increased. The first delivery was worth around $24,000.

“We’re going to have five DJs, two bands. We’re going to have bill merchandise and a 50-50 with half of the proceeds going to charity,” Godwin said, in true Mafia fashion.

On game day, the biggest tailgate in town will take place from noon to 4 p.m. at the Hollywood Park Casino, directly across from SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams. It is hosted by Fans of Buffalo.

Founder Will Bradley said that as soon as the game was announced, he knew there would be high demand from fans. Despite a slow start to ticket sales, as of Friday they are nearly sold out.

“My mom usually tells me I’m crazy for doing this, and often people don’t know how we do it. It’s basically planning a wedding for a small town,” Bradley said.

Buffalo fans still have about 300 tickets to sell for the tailgate, with an expected total attendance of about 3,000.

“My phone explodes every few minutes with commands coming in for the tailgate,” Bradley said.

Another Buffalo transplant, JD Grimes, who grew up in Lockport and now lives in Los Angeles, said this game was something he would never miss, especially considering the last time the Bills had played in Los Angeles was in 2017 against the Chargers; 2016 is the last time Buffalo played the Rams in Los Angeles

“It’s a big problem for all of us. It will be very exciting, especially in the new stadium, especially at maximum capacity. It’s going to be crazy,” Grimes said.

Grimes plans to hold his own tailgate in SoFi’s pink pitch, the stadium’s only tailgating pitch, after receiving a coveted spot. But whether it’s partying at Hermosa Beach or hooking up with 2,999 of your closest fans, the welcome wagon says they’ll be ready in LA.

Simply put, Godwin added, “We just want to get Bills Mafia together and have a good time, and hopefully get the ‘W’ next Thursday.”

Bernard P. Love