Elon Musk slams California government for ‘weird move’

Not on Elon Musk’s (probably solar-powered) watch!

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Tesla’s CEO has spoken about a new solar tax proposed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

According to the Tesla Silicon Valley Club, the new proposal (dubbed NEM 3.0) would slap customers with a “grid access” fee that would cost them $8 per kW of solar energy installed each month, in addition to other unnecessary fees. which could add up to an additional $80 per customer per month.

“If passed, it would be the highest solar charge in the country, including states hostile to renewable energy,” the club said in its statement. petition against Proposal. “In addition, the proposal would reduce the value of bill credits for solar power sent to the grid by approximately 80 percent.”

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The new proposal would also affect existing customers, who would have a 15-year grandfathering period before moving to NEM 3.0 rules and fees. The contracts they originally signed guaranteed a term of 20 years, which “violates fundamental principles of fairness”, according to TSVC.

The club tweeted out a petition this week urging residents and Tesla fans to help stop California Governor Gavin Newsom’s passing of the proposal.

Musk then retweeted the petition link and boldly wrote next to it “Weird California government anti-environment movement” in a Tweet that has since garnered more than 61,000 likes.

The billionaire, whose entire MO is made up of electric vehicles and solar power, was understandably aggravated by the potential price increases to use these modes of energy, which would inevitably affect Tesla down the line in the world. State of California as the company sells and operates roofs and solar panels.

Just last week, Tesla announced it would invoke a 20% price hike on its self-driving software which will take effect on January 17, noting that prices for monthly subscriptions are also expected to rise in the United States. .

You’re here was standing 26.47% year-over-year as of Thursday morning.

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