Crow Canyon Software and Acuity Technical Solutions Collaborate to Accelerate California Government Modernization Projects

This partnership offers a quick way to scale projects by leveraging set-asides and contracts that allow departments and agencies to use already established aggregate spend and pre-negotiated rates.

BENICIA, Calif., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Crow Canyon Software, and Acuity Technical Solutions come together to help California state agencies are driving business process automation across Microsoft Office 365 and Teams platforms.

Both companies are California Certified Small Businesses. Crow Canyon Software provides core workflow automation applications to organizations around the world. Acuity Services is a reseller of software, hardware and consulting services for California government. Working together, these two companies will enable state, county and local government agencies to modernize and improve services using the Office 365 platform.

Agencies will be able to use multiple procurement vehicles, including SMB, SLP and CMAS, making it quick and easy to implement solutions and improve operational efficiency.

The partnership between Crow Canyon Software and Acuity offers proven solutions that are already in use in government agencies. These include applications such as IT help desk, asset tracking, work orders, contract management, and purchasing. Crow Canyon also provides NITRO Studio, an easy-to-use and affordable forms and workflow building platform for Office 365.

“We partnered with Crow Canyon because we believe their solutions are critical to modernizing the state. We are seeing a massive and continued shift toward automation/AI in response to increased voter expectations for more efficient and faster,” said Darrell Brantingham, CEO. Acuity.

Acuity Technical Solutions is a Certified Small Business and IT Reseller for California State and local government. Acuity was founded in 2007; Darrell BrantinghamCEO, has worked with the state since 1988. Acuity has a wide range of procurement vehicles: a CMAS technical consultancy (3-15-70-3146B), a Non-IT Consulting CMAS (4-21-03-0849A), a Level 3 IT MSA (5167010-003), 2 SLPs and over 10 CMAS product contracts.

Acuity is a listed reseller on the Crow Canyon SLP. Acuity’s technical consulting experience can be leveraged with Crow Canyon to facilitate automation and migration from legacy systems.

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