Californian cities have been asked to reduce their water consumption by 15%. See what happened in your city. – Times-Standard

On July 8, citing the state’s severe drought conditions and declining reservoir levels, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order asking California’s urban residents to reduce their water usage by 15 percent.

On Tuesday, the first results were published. Statewide, urban residents missed the mark by a wide margin, reducing water use by 1.8% in July compared to July 2020. There were major differences across the state, with cities and water districts in north coast areas like Sonoma and Mendocino counties—where drought conditions are the worst—saving the most, and residents of many Southern California cities are saving very little or even increasing their use compared to the previous year.

Los Angeles and San Diego have increased their water consumption by 1%, for example. In the Bay Area, customers of the San Jose Water Company reduced consumption by 11%, San Francisco by 10%, East Bay Municipal Utility District by 8% and Contra Costa Water district by 7%.

The full list of 376 cities and water agencies is below. They reported water usage figures to the National Water Resources Control Board. Several water providers missed the deadline, including the Marin Municipal Water District. All water agencies, under the order of the governor, are required to report data monthly going forward.

Bernard P. Love