California government to ban ICE cars by 2035

The California government recently announced its decision to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. The move came after the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved the Advanced Clean Cars II proposal on August 25, mandating the sale of zero-emission vehicles in California starting in 2035. With this, the US state government became the first government in the world to declare a ban on pure ICE vehicles.

According to the Advanced Clean Cars II proposal, the California government has established a plan to reduce emissions from passenger cars, trucks and light SUVs, in a phased manner, starting in 2026. Currently, all means of transportation, such as light and heavy trucks, SUVs and passenger cars account for 50% of California’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

While 16% of new vehicles sold in California are zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Advanced Clean Cars II proposal outlines an annual requirement for zero-emission vehicles. For example, by 2026 the state intends to have 35% of its overall new car sales come from zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles, 51% by 2028, 68% by 2030, etc

So by 2035, all new passenger vehicles sold in the state will be zero-emission vehicles, including battery electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. For this, the proposal amends the regulation on zero-emission vehicles to make room for zero-emission vehicles.

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According to a statement released by Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, “The annual goals of this plan – 35% ZEV sales by 2026, 68% by 2030 and 100% by 2035 – provide our roadmap to reduce dangerous carbon emissions and move away from fossil fuels.That’s 915 million barrels of oil emissions that won’t pollute our communities.

He further added, “With the historic $10 billion we are investing to accelerate the transition to ZEVs, we are making it easier and less expensive for all Californians to buy electric cars. California will continue to lead the revolution toward our zero-emission transportation future. »

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Bernard P. Love