California Cities Rank Among US News’ “Funniest Places to Live”

Major Californian subways have ranked throughout the list of “30 Funniest Places to Live in America” ​​published by US News and World Report.

The October article put San Diego first, followed closely by San Francisco. Scroll further down the list and you’ll see Los Angeles and Santa Rosa ranked.

Towards the end: Sacramento and Fresno outclassing Washington DC and sandwiching New York.

Cities have been widely considered based on their access to parks and outdoor activities, cultural attractions, restaurants, professional sports teams, shopping, nightlife, concerts, and the popularity of each location in as a destination for flights. The considerations did not take into account closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out how California cities rank relative to each other in terms of population, median house prices, average annual salary, and entertainment:

San Diego | No. 1

Median house price: $ 835,207

Average annual salary: $ 60,230

San Diego ranked # 1 on “30 Funniest Places to Live in the United States”

With a metropolitan population of approximately 3.3 million, the “Sunshine City” is home to the San Diego Zoo and Sunset Cliff Nature Park.

The Californian city also ranked 8th among parks for its more than 340 parks. it also received the # 1 restaurant ranking and # 28 in the shopping ranking.

San Francisco | No. 2

Median house price: $ 1,047,714

Average annual salary: $ 75,890

With a metropolitan population of around 4.7 million, San Francisco ranked # 2.

And with thousands of restaurants to choose from, the Bay Area city received the # 5 restaurant ranking.

With more than 200 city parks, San Francisco also received a No.17 park ranking and a No.32 business ranking.

Los-Angeles | No. 7

Median house price: $ 527,818

Average annual salary: $ 57,373

With a metropolitan population of around 18.7 million, Los Angeles ranks 7th.

Known as the homeland of the rich and famous, one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas has been ranked # 8 for restaurants and # 60 for stores.

But the city received the top rankings for sports because of its huge lineup of teams, including the Dodgers and Angels baseball teams, the Lakers and Clippers NBA teams, the Kings hockey team and more. again.

Los Angeles received a # 47 park ranking.

Sainte Rose | No. 10

Median house price: $ 617,550

Average annual salary: $ 57,080

Santa Rosa ranked n ° 10.

The city, in the heart of the California wine country, is ranked as one of the best places to shop and find a good restaurant.

With a metropolitan population of only around 500,000, the city ranks 15th for its more than 70 parks, trails and open spaces, according to the official City of Santa Rosa website.

It ranks at the top of the list for its more than 1,000 restaurants and No. 1 for its boutiques.

Sacramento | No. 24

Median house price: $ 549,893

Average annual salary: $ 58,390

With a metropolitan population of over 2.3 million, the Californian capital came in at No. 24.

Sacramento received a # 31 ranking for its parks and restaurants and a # 38 business ranking.

The city of Sacramento is home to 223 parks and boardwalks and is named after California’s largest river, the Sacramento River, according to the Water Education Foundation.

The region is also the self-proclaimed farm-to-fork capital of the United States, which was invented in 2012. And with over 1.5 million acres of farms and over 40 regional farmer’s markets, restaurants use fresh produce. year round, depending on when to visit Sacramento.

The metro’s lowest score, No.40, was its access to a variety of professional sports. The city has an NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, an AAA baseball team, the River Cats.

Fresno | No. 26

Median house price: $ 368,850

Average annual salary: $ 48,840

With a metropolitan population of around 1 million, Fresno came in at No.26.

But the central California city ranked No. 1 out of 100 metropolitan areas considered for its easily accessible parks. With 1,500 acres of open space, Fresno boasts more than 80 parks and trails, according to the official City of Fresno website.

It also ranked number one in the entertainment industry, ranking 12th for concert halls and 8th for nightlife. And that’s probably thanks to its Tower District, recognized as the city’s premier nightlife destination, famous for its Rogue Festival, vintage car show, and film festival.

Fresno received a # 67 restaurant rating and a # 20 business rating.

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This story was originally published 5 November 2021 6:00 a.m.

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