California bills with provisions yet to be determined

From time to time, the California Legislature considers bills that have yet to be fully drafted. As long as these “missing” provisions are filled in and completed at the time of final passage, this approach is permissible and is sometimes used when the proponent of the bill has not made a final decision on the provisions of the bill. .

The following examples of “missing” provisions are taken from bills recently introduced in the 2022 legislative session:

On or before ____, an unspecified state agency will establish criteria and an application process for the purpose of designating an area of ​​the shoreline as a state surf preserve.


Once the application is approved, the unspecified state agency will designate the area as _____ and include this designation in all publications or maps issued by the unspecified state agency.


The department will impose a penalty of up to ____ dollars ($____) on an employer who violates this article.

In most cases, the original house’s first steering committee will ask the author to fill in the blanks and have a “finished” product for that audience. However, sometimes a bill begins its legislative journey in a semi-completed state and final decisions are made later in the process, such as in the Policy Committee of the Second House.

Bernard P. Love