4 Californian cities in the top 10, according to a study

SAN DIEGO – With Halloween approaching, many in the United States are looking to have a spooky time.

This year, consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to hit an all-time high of $ 10.14 billion, from $ 8.05 billion in 2020, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

But which cities across the country are the best places to enjoy a much celebrated vacation? And did San Diego make the list?

WalletHub, a personal finance website, released its 2021 Best Places for Halloween report on Monday, comparing America’s 100 largest cities across 21 key metrics. They range from per capita candy and chocolate shops to the average price per Halloween party ticket, to sharing of potential stops.


  1. New York, NY: 68.09 rating
  2. Los Angeles, CA: 62.08 rating
  3. Las Vegas, NV: Rating of 61.89
  4. Miami, Florida: score of 61.27
  5. San Francisco, CA: score of 60.89
  6. Boston, MA: Score of 60.17
  7. San Diego, CA: 59.67 score
  8. Santa Ana, CA: 59.64
  9. San Jose, CA: 59.44
  10. Orlando, Florida: 58.95

Below is a rankings map of the United States and other cities, along with additional statistics for Halloween in San Diego:

Halloween in San Diego (1 = Best; 50 = Avg.):

  • 32sd -% of potential Trick-or-Treat stops
  • 30e – Walk score
  • 14e – Crime rate
  • 50e – Avg. Price per Halloween Party ticket
  • sevene – Halloween costume shops per capita
  • sevene – Candy and chocolate shops per capita

Bernard P. Love