2 California Cities Among the Most Expensive for Childcare: Report

CALIFORNIA — Two California cities are among the most expensive for childcare as the United States shakes off a labor shortage and demand for childcare providers during the pandemic, reports Axios.

A report from Urban Sitter, the site that connects families looking for childcare, tutoring, pet sitting, elder care or other household help, released the data showing an average rate hike of 11% in 2021 for babysitters in the United States – outpacing inflation by 7 percent in just one year.

The national average for child care in 2021 jumped to $20.57 per hour (for one child). It’s a huge bump for babysitters, who are traditionally underpaid. And, it’s definitely in the parents’ pockets.

San Francisco is the second most expensive city for childcare ($23.32 per hour) just behind New York ($23.45). Los Angeles is ranked just below the national average ($20.23). San Diego ranked below the national average ($17.53 per hour).

Urban Sitter analyzed 2021 reservation data from more than 10,000 families to calculate which cities had the highest rates. Here’s the average hourly rate per hour, according to the site.

Most expensive locations for babysitting 2021:

  • New York: $23.45
  • San Francisco: $23.32
  • Seattle: $21.23
  • National: $20.57
  • LA: $20.23
  • Boston: $19.96
  • Raleigh: $19.94
  • Phoenix: $19.81
  • Washington, DC: $19.79
  • Miami: $19.31

In the United States, 40% of nannies earn between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

“The bumps we saw last year, it was really out of proportion to anything we’ve seen before,” Lynn Perkins, founder and CEO of UrbanSitter, told Axios.

Check out the full report on Urban Sitter.

Bernard P. Love